The Church’s Neglected Resource: Women Equipping Women

older-woman-with-bibleMy Aunt Gwynne knows first hand about a powerful resource that God has given the church for the advancement of His kingdom.  Aunt Gwynne, or Gwynne Johnson as she’s known to the rest of the world, recently served as the senior director of women’s ministry at Stonebriar Community Church, is an accomplished Bible teacher, retreat speaker, and the co-author of Women Mentoring Women, published by Moody Press.  Gwynne has also been instrumental in equipping women for ministry in Russia.  She has a passion for equipping women to equip women to equip…well, you get the picture.

She recently wrote an article for BreakPoint’s Worldview Church e-Report that explains how Paul’s command to Titus to entrust older women to equip the younger women is all too often forgotten in today’s churches.  Here’s an excerpt followed by a link to read the whole thing:

One morning at breakfast during our training in Moscow, Peter Mitskevich, vice president of the Baptist Union in Russia, asked me a provocative question: “What would you like for me to communicate to our Union pastors regarding women?” My answer to Peter and to all men who have asked me that question over the years is this, “I’m praying for Titus pastors . . . men who take to heart Paul’s exhortation to Titus regarding the serious equipping of older women to train and equip the younger women.”

My passion, my concern, is that we get so distracted debating the limits or lack thereof of women in ministry that we miss almost completely the clear command and immense job God has entrusted to us. When you consider that at least 50 percent of most churches are women (in Russian 70 percent to 80 percent of churches are women), then the failure to fully train and utilize them makes women one of the most underutilized resources available to the kingdom.

Read the entire article.

Aunt Gwynne also writes for and contributes to the Tapestry blog.

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