God’s Story Answers 7 Questions

Larry Crabb, in his brand new book Real Church:

Reading the Bible as [66] love letters is helping me develop, I think, a clearer understanding of a story that may sometimes be confusing but, at least in its big sweep, is never boring.  I think I’m hearing story truth as I’ve never heard it before.

I’m realizing that God wrote these letters to answer seven questions He wants us to be asking in the middle of our story, in the middle of our lives with all the ups and downs, celebrations and heartaches, hopes and fears that we all go through.

The seven questions (along with fancy theological terms that scholars use to label the subject that each question addresses) are  these:

  1. Who is God? Core theology, the study of God.
  2. What is He up to? Practical eschatology, God’s plan for now and later.
  3. Who are we? Basic anthropology, our nature as image bearers, male and female.
  4. What has gone wrong? Essential hamartiology, defining sin.
  5. What has God done about it? Surprising soteriology, undeserved rescue, grace-based salvation.
  6. What is the Spirit doing now? Living pneumatology, mysterious movement.
  7. How can we join in? Purposeful ecclesiology, what the church is called to do.

…I would love to see gatherings of Christians become obsessed with God’s love letters, with the questions they answer, with the story they tell, story truth.

Stay tuned to The Cruciform Life Blog for my review of Larry Crabb’s Real Church: Does It Exist?  Can I Find It?

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