Way To Go, Generation X

neon-xMy friend Reuel makes some great observations about our beloved generation, the so-called “Xers”:

Have to admit – I am proud of us.  The “us” that I am giving props to is my generation – called Generation X, GenX, “Xers”, etc.  Most of the time, references to my age group are derisive and dismissive.  We are told that we are the “whatever” generation.  We would rather sit around in hot tubs and complain than actually do anything about it.  Not much to be proud of – if you  believe it.

However, I have found ample reason to be proud of my generation.  I just started really using my facebook page.  I have never really liked networking sites.  I have always viewed them as at best a waste of time and at worst a dangerous place where  your personal information is out there for the world to see.  Then people started hooking up with me – family first, some coworkers.  In the last few days it has become really exiciting, as friends from high school and college have joined the fold.  Therein lies the source of my pride.

The profiles of my friends are profiles of people who are the exact opposite of the “I Don’t Care” generation that seemed to doom us 20 years ago.  I see men and women who have raised families.  I see the atheletes who are teaching at respected universities, the shy classmates who are respected lawyers, and the class clowns who are successful doctors.  I see people involved in their families, communities, and their country…

Read the rest here…it’s encouraging stuff.

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