The Gap That Lent Reveals, Easter Fills

There will always be some distance between the person we are trying to become and the person we actually are.

Certainly Lent reveals that gap clearly, perhaps… it even shows that distance more clearly than other seasons do. Though I confess to being able to see the distance between who I am trying to become and who I actually am pretty much the whole year around. It does not take Lent for me to see how poorly I measure up, I can see it on almost any feast or fast day…

Here is what I am hoping just now :

That as this Lenten journey ends in the next few days and hours, and we join the crowd that follows the One Who Came on his triumphant journey into the city, and we end this coming week in darkness and discouragement at the foot of the cross, having once again chosen the criminal over the Messiah, I hope that we find new life again in the garden… in the morning light of Easter, and that we are able to go forth and live our lives in astonishment and joy as well as in aspiration and hope.

Perhaps that is the way to cut down the distance between who we are trying to become and who we are.

~ Robert Benson at The Long Pew

[Stay tuned…next week I will be giving away a copy of Robert’s newest book The Echo Within by way of a drawing.  To qualify for this drawing, sign up to receive The Cruciform Life Blog by email.]

2 thoughts on “The Gap That Lent Reveals, Easter Fills

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read THE LONG PEW, and for sharing it with your friends — we appreciate it. We are glad that something in our story seems to resonate with the story your journey is telling you.

    Namaste —

    R. Benson

    • Thanks Robert for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ll be posting a review of your The Echo Within soon. Oh, and just to make the connection, I’m the Jimmy that hangs out with your Knoxville friends (Jim, Jim, and Harold). A blessed Holy Week to you, sir.

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