Each Lord’s Day Is A Mini-Easter

palm-branchWhen Jesus set His face to go to Jerusalem, He knew that He was going to be betrayed, scourged, crucified, and buried. And when He had suffered what man was going to do to Him, He was fully prepared for what God was going to do for Him–raise Him from the dead. That resurrection was something He saw clearly in the Scriptures, and which His disciples did not, even when He explained it to them. They had trouble with the concept after He had risen, and was explaining it to them. But the reality of this new resurrection life finally sank in, and they scattered around the world, preaching the resurrection, preaching the kingdom that had this resurrection for a cornerstone.

As we approach the celebration of Easter next week, remember that each Lord’s Day is a mini-Easter. We meet on the first day of the week, and we have done so for thousands of years, because Jesus Christ established a new heaven and a new earth, and He entered into His rest on this day. This is such a remarkable event, we are called to commemorate it on a weekly basis.

This means that as we look forward to Easter, we should not be trying to duplicate the despondency and small faith exhibited by the disciples. Easter is coming, and we look forward to it, craning our necks. We can see what is going to happen because we have celebrated it a number of times already this year. We stand on the resurrection of Palm Sunday so that we might look forward in faith to the resurrection of Easter. We stand on the resurrection so that we might see the resurrection.

~ Doug Wilson, on his blog the day before Palm Sunday 2009.

One thought on “Each Lord’s Day Is A Mini-Easter

  1. For many years, I did not realize that the resurrection life of Jesus was totally cruciform. All the attributes of Jesus shown through His passion shine through Him in His resurrected life. We celebrate the victory of His resurrection to the extent that we seek to have this cruciform resurrected life lived out in us in our daily lives. We need the power of the resurrection to enter in the “fellowship of His suffering” and to be “conformed to His death” (Phil. 3:10) May we “stand on the resurrection” and “see the resurrection” by becoming more cruciform.

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