The Cross Teaches Us To Hate Sin

And let us learn from the story of the passion always to hate sin with a great hatred. Sin was the cause of all our Savior’s sufferings.

Our sins twisted the crown of thorns; our sins drove the nails into his hands and feet; on account of our sins his blood was shed.

Surely the thought of Christ crucified should make us loathe all sin.

As the Church of England Homily of Passion says so well:

“Let this image of Christ crucified be always printed in our hearts.  Let it stir us up to the hatred of sin, and provoke our minds to the earnest love of Almighty God.”

~ from “The Sufferings of Christ” by J. C. Ryle in Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross: Experiencing The Passion and Power of Easter, edited by Nancy Guthrie, pp. 59.

3 thoughts on “The Cross Teaches Us To Hate Sin

  1. I was so impressed by the quotations from “Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross” by Nancy Guthrie that I purchased a copy for myself. Wonderful material for devotions!

    • Yes, it’s a great book. She’s also published a similar volume for Advent/Christmas called “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” I think. I have some quotes from that one on the blog somewhere. You can search “Nancy Guthrie” on the blog and find them.

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