Spiritually Plateaued Leadership

Convicting words from Neil Cole and Terry Walling.  Read ’em and weep…

  1. A spiritually plateaued leader avoids relationships of personal accountability.
  2. A spiritually plateaued leader rarely applies the truths of God’s Word to him- or herself personally.
  3. A spiritually plateaued leader has replaced his or her joy, peace, and love with envy and resentment.
  4. A spiritually plateaued leader frequently looks for greener pastures in other places.
  5. A spiritually plateaued leader finds faults in others more often than in self.
  6. A spiritually plateaued leader is burned-out from lots of busyness that has been substituted for simple intimacy with Christ.
  7. A spiritually plateaued leader compromises on ethical principles once held dear.
  8. A spiritually plateaued leader stays within safe areas of expertise rather than branching out into new learning endeavors.
  9. A spiritually plateaued leader is unable to acknowledge the wisdom of others.
  10. A spiritually plateaued leader has reduced the Christian life to a routine.

~ from Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are, pp. 22-25.

Tomorrow I’ll post Cole’s six characteristics of poor leadership that mark the ministry of plateaued spiritual leaders.

One thought on “Spiritually Plateaued Leadership

  1. Focusing on Jesus, His cruciformity, as our goal helps us not to “plateau”, but to realize there are many more heights to attain. However, I need to be reminded by articles such as this to be alert to these tendencies and to ever pursue cruciformity, always ready to repent and keep being conformed to the Cross.


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