His Silence Is For My Good

Here’s another one of those occasions when meditation on the gospel reorients my heart and rebuilds my faith…

Sometimes we wonder, don’t we, why Jesus is silent on matters and in moments that seem important to us.  I know I do.

I’m finding that during those moments of His silence and my wondering, it’s best to remember the cross.  “He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?” (Romans 8:32)

God the Father solved my biggest problem, my willful alienation from Him, by sending His Son to the cross in my place and thereby ushering me into the community and mission of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  If He was willing to give me Jesus as the greatest good I can possibly receive, how will He not also with Jesus provide every other good that I need?  Of course He will.

But the giving of Jesus at the cross involved Jesus’ silence.  When Jesus was falsely accused and abused, He did not speak a word in protest or defense.  He was silent for my sake.  His silence was for my good.

Adrian Rogers explains:

“Why was the dear Savior so silent?…The Bible teaches us that when Jesus Christ took our sin, He took all of the punishment that goes with that sin.  A part of that punishment is shame.  Had Jesus defended Himself and protested His innocence, He would have suffered no shame, and that would have left us guilty.

Jesus could not prove Himself innocent and then die in our place the shameful death that we deserve.  Thank God that Jesus was willing to be counted a sinner before God, that we might be counted as righteous before God!

Jesus held back any words that would have relieved Him from the shame and blame of sin.  He was not a sinner, but He took fully the sinner’s place.

And here’s another thought to consider.  If Jesus had risen up in His own defense during His trials, I believe that He would have been so powerful and irrefutable in making His defense that no governor, high priest, or other legal authority on earth could have stood against Him!

…He would have won!  But we would have lost, and we would be lost for all eternity.

They accused Jesus of blasphemy, lying, sedition, and many other things, but the Savior answered not a word.  This is the amazing silence of the Lamb.”

If the silence of Jesus then accomplished my greatest good, why would I not trust His seasons of silence now for my lesser good?  According to Romans 8:32, if the silence of the Son of God was for my good in saving me, then His silence is good in sanctifying me as well.   Should I not be convinced that His silence is always for my good?  I should.

And right now, as I ponder the silence of Jesus in the shadow of the cross, I am convinced that His present silences are for my good as much as His past silence has been and is for my good.

His silence is for my good.

3 thoughts on “His Silence Is For My Good

  1. The silence of Jesus has been an example to me when I have been accused, but I had never considered the reasons for His silence, as are outlined in this excellent article. It helps me be patient when I do not get an answer to my questions as soon as I would like.

    From Romans 8:28-29, we realize that all things (even God’s silence) work for our good and that in verse 29, it is clear that the main good in God’s purpose is our being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Thus, somehow God’s silence is designed to make us more like Christ, more cruciform.

    • Yes Ron! Thank you. I could have gone a step further and concluded with your thoughts here. His silence is for my good and His glory because it is part of His plan to conform me to the image of Christ. Well said! Thanks be to God.

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