3 Questions For Spiritual Formation

Here’s a great set of questions that every believer would do well to answer together with other believers regularly:

From time to time, our launch team meetings begin by asking three important questions and discussing them together.

Where did we see God at work this week?

How did we join God this week?

How did we resist God this week?

Spiritual formation happens each week when we choose to join God more and resist him less.

[These questions are just a snippet from a great post by Renew, a new community of house churches who are pursuing real life discipleship.  You can read the whole post here.  It’s well worth it.]

These are similar to the questions that we often ask and answer at our dinner table with the kids:

What was your favorite part of your day?

Where did you see God today?

How did you struggle (with sin) today?

We may adapt them to a version similar to the ones Renew has come up with.

How about you?  What kinds of questions does your family or small group ask and answer on a regular basis? Leave us your ideas in the comments section.

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