A Biblical Worldview Gets The Gospel Right

A biblical worldview is about getting right who Jesus is.

But a biblical worldview is also about getting the gospel right. Jesus announced that the kingdom of God had arrived, and this announcement stands at the climactic moment of a long story.  God is acting in love and power to restore a fallen (but essentially good) creation, to live again under his good and gracious rule.  God is becoming king again.  In the announcement of the kingdom we have the great plot of the drama of Scripture:

1.  God (in Christ and by the Spirit) creates the world;

2.  Sin cripples, twists, and thwarts that creation;

3.  God acts to heal, straighten, and restore;

4.  God finally reconciles the entire cosmos to himself.

While the major focus of the biblical story is about God’s saving work, which includes both the whole of the Old Testament after the fall in Genesis 3 and the whole of the New Testament, that story of rescue and salvation assumes and is set against the backdrop of the first two acts of the drama: the creation of the world and its fall into sin.  Salvation has meaning only when we point to what is being saved and why it needs to be saved. The Bible’s main plot is the story of how God restores a creation that had been disfigured by sin:  first comes the creation followed by the fall, and then comes the restoration.

~ Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew in Living At The Crossroads: An Introduction To Christian Worldview, page 32.

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