A Biblical Worldview Gets Right Who Jesus Is

Jesus says that he has been sent by God the Father to make him known and to complete the redemptive work that he has been doing throughout the Old Testament story…

A faithful biblical worldview begins with this trinitarian confession–there is one God in three persons–centered in Jesus Christ.

To confess that Jesus is Lord is to say that Jesus, together with the Father and Spirit, has created all things; he sustains and upholds all things, he rules history and guides it to its goal, he restores and renews all things, and the end he will judge all things.  If we confess only “Jesus is my personal Savior” and neglect “Jesus is Creator, Ruler, Redeemer, and Judge,” then we have an emaciated worldview. A biblical worldview is about getting right who Jesus is.

~ Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew in Living At The Crossroads: An Introduction To Christian Worldview, page 32.

2 thoughts on “A Biblical Worldview Gets Right Who Jesus Is

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  2. I agree! I read Norman Geisler and Frank Turek’s book called “I don’t have enought faith to be an atheist” and there had a great way of explaining the trinity. I always had a hard time conceptualizing it, but they said imagine a triangle. It has three distinct sides but is still one triangle! Well anyways like your post. Feel free to read mine, but you might not like, i don’t know. God Bless You & Yours

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