The Rhythms Of A Community On Mission

open-hands-circleThe authors of Total Church offer their take on what flows through the veins of  “missional communities” by sharing the rhythms of their network of communities on mission:

1. Bless
Each week we aspire to bless others in our Christian community and local neighborhood in word, action or gift at least three times.

2. Listen
Each week we aspire to listen to God, looking for him to guide us through his word and Spirit. And we listen to people around us to understand their stories and the story of our culture.

3. Eat
Each week we aspire to eat or have a drink with people outside our immediate family at least three times, offering friendship and community.

4. Speak
Each week we aspire to tell people the story of Jesus and our story of Jesus, making Jesus a normal part of our conversations. And we speak to God through prayer, recognizing our dependence on him in all things.

5. Sabbath
Each week we aspire to spend time in rest, praise, play, partying and creativity.

Click HERE to find a document that explains the biblical foundations for each of these, along with biblical stories to illustrate each rhythm, and lots of practical ideas for implementing them.

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