The Questions Our Calling Answers

We don’t find our calling; if finds us.  We may catch our calling as it hurtles toward us, but mostly we are caught in its web long before we recognize its existence.  We are actor-writers of our character, but most of  us sense we are discovering something that has been given to us far more than it is something we are creating.  It is both/and, of course.  We both discover and create.  It is this dual perspective that allows us to ask:  “What moves me?  To what and to whom am I to say yes?  How will I follow the unfathomable desires of my heart?”

God gives us desire and meaning.  They are inside us alongside our calling, without any effort on our part to create them.  When it comes to being caught by my calling, my options are simple:

Whom will I serve (the population)?

In what locale will I serve that community (the place)?

In that community and in that place, what portion of the Fall will I face (the problems)?

And what means will I use to address those problems (the process)?

Our calling in life is always tied to population, place, problems, and process…

You are gifted.  You are called.  You are telling a story.  The clearer you can be about yourself, the further you will be on the journey of catching and being caught by your calling.  And the moment you say yes to a population, a place, a problem, and a process–you have been seized by your calling.

~ Dan Allender in To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future, page 103-105.

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