If I Were President…

snowmanOur kids were home from school today because of snow (see picture), so we all watched the inauguration ceremony together.

Later, as we were eating lunch, my cute-as-a-button six year old daughter came out with this priceless quote from out of nowhere:

“If I was President, I would have a bunch of roller coasters in my backyard!”

Now, I am compelled to ask you to use the comments section to finish the sentence yourself:

“If I were President, ___________________________.”

7 thoughts on “If I Were President…

  1. I’ll start the (snow)ball rolling:

    “If I were President, I would have a walk-in refrigerator full of Sun Drop and Cheerwine soft drinks always stocked full. Along with that, I would have a pantry full of Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers, Little Debbie’s Swiss Cake Rolls, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Then I would instruct my Surgeon General to find a way to make all of those junk foods zero-calorie, zero-fat!!”

    Of course, roller coasters in the back yard would be cool, too.

  2. … I’d have a private lake with BIG fish in it in my backyard. And I like the part about zero calorie , zero fat favorite foods.

  3. If I were president, I think I’d find a way to blog about life as president. And I think I’d ask the press secretary to find small papers, bloggers, and radio hosts to do two question interviews every now and then.

    And I would throw out statements to the press like, “Hey have you read this book? It’s pretty good.”

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