Following Our Calling Leads To Changes

the-echo-within1Callings can change.  They can shift and grow, expand and contract, mirroring and responding to the choices we make as we seek to live out the details of the echo within that we can hear.

And when they do, we can find ourselves walking alongside people we never expected to see.  And we can find ourselves walking along without someone we had come to count on…

…Sometimes what we want is to be allowed to hunker down in the life we are living, or are hoping to live, or are constructing for ourselves.  Without any upset, without any change of plans, without any of our ducks being disturbed.

But sometimes when we say yes to some new thing that seems to be calling to us from the echo within, then we may as well be prepared to head for God knows where after that.  And to head there with God knows who as well.

Any attempt–no matter how clumsy or cautious, no matter how courageous or clever–to live out what one thinks one hears in the calling voice of God within must be lived out in the face of change.

Our companions will change; our journeys will take us in and out of relationships.  Promises will be made, and promises will be broken.  And so will our hearts.

The only way to avoid it is to not say yes.

Robert Benson in The Echo Within: Finding Your True Calling, pages 151, 153-154.

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