Watching, Waiting, Wondering…

It seems no matter what the circumstances, God’s people are always, or ought always to be, watching, waiting, and wondering where the Author of the Story will take us next.

These songs are the ones I’ve kept coming back to over the last six months or so.  They give me hope to carry on.

Bleed for this Love by Downhere

This song is our covenant-keeping God reminding His people that He has been with them through every impossible moment in their history, but that they haven’t seen anything yet.  He has been faithful, they have been faithless, but “just when you think the Story’s over, I’m gonna bleed for this love.”  We are part of the Story.  We too are the people for whom His love has bled.

Here I Am by Downhere

This song expresses my heart’s desire to answer God’s call, whatever it is and will be, with “Here I am, Lord send me.  All of my life, I’ll make an offering.  Here I am, Lord send me.  Somehow my story is a part of Your plan.  Here I am.”

Cathedral Made of People by Downhere

This song tugs at the heart of why I planted Riverside:  people are the Church, not buildings.  One day the people may be all we have left.  But whether those people meet in a big building or a house, they are the people, the Body, the Bride, of whom I am a part.  I need the Church, wherever she meets.  Even if we lose our house church the truth is that “We are a cathedral made of people in a Kingdom that the eye can’t see.  We’re a house, we are the bride, where God’s Spirit lives inside.  And nothing ever can stand against us.”

Don’t Miss Now by Downhere

Wow.  This certainly sums up a theme that God has been tracing in my life lately.  Don’t Miss Now, Jimmy.  Leave the future to Me.  Just don’t miss now.

Lead of Love by Caedmon’s Call

An oldie-but-goodie that takes on new meaning to me these days.  I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but God will redeem it all somehow.  “How You make good of this mess I’ve made is a profound mystery.”

Hope To Carry On by Caedmon’s Call

What I need most these days is hope…hope to carry on with my story as I watch, wait, and wonder how it fits into His Story.  The only thing that gives me hope for the future is the steadfast love of God shown to me in “Jesus hanging on the cross.”  If I see Him, and hear Him saying “Father forgive,” then maybe that love will give me courage to “put away my sword” and trust Him to fight the fight for me.

Be Thou My Vision by Covenant Life Church (Josh Harris’ church worship team)

If I am to carry on with hope, then I need Him to be my vision.  I need Him to fill my eyes so that I will want to say “Thou and Thou only first in my heart.”

Be Still My Soul by Covenant Life Church

I have worn this song out (if that’s even possible on an iPod).  My soul is not usually still these days.  This song says everything I need to hear right now.  If David were to play a song to soothe my troubled soul as he did for Saul…this would be it.

Rescue by NewSong

We just took the kids to Winter Jam 09 in Chattanooga.  NewSong hosts this event.  They sang this song and led us all to sing it with them with words on the screen.  We all fell in love with it, and Abi asked me to find it on iTunes.  The psalmists are constantly pleading with God to rescue them.  I have often echoed that plea in my own heart as of late.  This song helps express the desperation I often feel, not merely to be rescued from my circumstances, but mainly to be rescued from my own sinful response to them.  “I need You Jesus.  Come to my rescue.  Where else can I go?  There’s no other name by which I am saved.  Capture me with grace.  I will follow You.  This world has nothing for me.”  This song goes on for 7+ minutes.  This is appropriate because I need to repeat this prayer over and over and over and…

[All song titles link to their location in the iTunes store, except for the two from Covenant Life Church, which will take you to their online store.]

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