The ESV Study Bible and Teenagers

Still looking for a meaningful Christmas gift for your teenager? The ESV Study Bible blog recently posted some good reasons to give the ESV Study Bible to teens.

First, a teacher explains how the ESV-SB has ignited a passion for Bible study in her middle schoolers:

This Bible has completely transformed my classroom. I cannot even begin to express how exciting it is to see 6th, 7th, and 8th graders so interested in not only reading their Bible, but also using the notes, the cross references, and the maps to find additional information and to answer questions they may have. We desire to teach God’s Word hermeneutically so that when students leave this place they are equipped to study God’s Word on their own. This Bible gives them the tools to do that!  [Read more…]

Then a youth pastor gives his top ten reasons why every teenager should have an ESV-SB.  I’ll give you the ten, but go to his blog to read his explanations.

10. Teenagers need durability.

9. Teenagers need good stuff online.

8. Teenagers need simplicity.

7. Teenagers need big pictures.

6. Teenagers need the big picture.

5. Teenagers need teaching.

4. Teenagers need to be taught.

3. Teenagers need to learn.

2. Teenagers need to read their Bibles.

1. Teenagers need to know God through Jesus Christ.

See my own review of the ESV Study Bible here.

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