Cruciform Quotes (11.15.08)

A few gospel-centered quotes to encourage and embolden you to live the cruciform life:

“I am not what I ought to be. I am not what I wish to be. I am not even what I hope to be. But by the cross of Christ, I am not what I was.”

– John Newton [HT: Brandywine Books]

Cross-love is the primary, dynamic test of whether or not we have understood the gospel word and experienced its power. Not our doctrinal orthodoxy, as important as that is. Not our ingenious strategizing, as fascinating as that is. Not our commitment to preaching, as vital as that is. It is our cross-love for each other that proclaims the truth of the gospel to a watching and skeptical world. Our love for one another, to the extent that it imitates and conforms to the cross-love of Jesus for us, is evangelistic.

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Total Church, 56-57.  [HT: Kingdom People]

“As we begin the Christian life by placing our whole trust in the Christ of the gospel event, so in the same way we continue in the Christian life. The gospel not only brings us to the new birth and faith as Christians; it is God’s means of saving us totally. The gospel is the power of God for salvation (Rom. 1:16), and this means the whole of salvation for the whole person. Thus the gospel converts us, the gospel sustains us in the Christian life and brings us to maturity and the gospel brings us to perfection through our resurrection from the dead.”

Graeme Goldsworthy, According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible, p. 47.  [HT: Gospel-Driven Blog]

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