Coming Soon: Worldview Church eReport – Nov. 08

The latest edition of BreakPoint’s Worldview Church eReport will be delivered and posted soon.  I’ve listed the table of contents below and will post it again with live links when it is published.  You can receive the WVC free by email bi-monthly when you sign up for it here.  You may also enjoy reading the September 08 edition.

Table of Contents:


Back Glances

Start With The Big Frog

The Jesus Way (2)

T. M. Moore

The worship wars of the past generation have, in many ways, gouged deeper rifts in an already-fragmented Church. In many places congregations have been torn apart by this strife, and rancor and suspicion are evident in many quarters. Shouldn’t we start somewhere a little easier, and ramp up to so hard a challenge as this?

The Cruciform Life

When Your Church Is Really Parachurch

Jimmy Davis

When we rightly define the church as the people, then it becomes clear that what we commonly call “the church” is really a parachurch organization.


At Your Service: The Cruciform Life In Action

Jimmy Davis

The work of ministry to which each of us is called is “to serve, not to be served,” to live among those in our Personal Mission Fields “as one who serves.”

Generous, or Should it be Humble, Orthodoxy?

Sam Smith

These two streams are catching the attention of those who seek to draw Next Gen believers who are often steeped in relativist thinking, are savvy to cultural hype, but listen to personal transparency of others’ spiritual journey. They both know that in every human exchange, the Christian’s demeanor whispers in the background either the awe of being a recipient of God’s grace where others may be freely drawn, or that of a pharisaical boldness designed to ensnare and enslave. A God-wrought humility is indispensible if our evangelism is to show our hearts.

Report on a Seminar

John Nunnikhoven on Safe Sanctuary: Keeping the Church Safe From and For Sexual Offenders


Jimmy Davis reviews the ESV Study Bible and T. M. Moore examines America‘s Secular Challenge.

Launch Points

Ideas for using this edition of WVC to launch you into personal and ministry transformation.


Our editors have gathered a collection of suggested resources aimed to encourage and equip ministry leaders.

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