“Near Christianity” vs. The Gospel of the Kingdom

My friend Tullian beat me to the punch on this, but T. M. Moore has just published one of those “must read” articles on the BreakPoint website.  If you’ve ever wondered what all of this “Kingdom” talk is about, this article is a great place to start learning more.

Here’s the introduction, but the whole article will be worth your time:

I keep saying to myself that there has to be an explanation why so many millions of people claim to be born-again followers of Jesus Christ, attending nearly 250,000 churches-around 3,000 of those mega-churches-with a vibrant and growing Christian subculture of music, television, books and literature, education, Internet presence, and even their own Yellow Pages.

As I said, there has to be an explanation why, given all this, the morals and culture of America continue to decline away from the teaching of Scripture, the young are abandoning their Christian upbringing in growing numbers, and the public square continues devoid of any far-ranging, seriously taken Christian voice. There simply has to be an explanation for this.

And I think I have it. It harks back to a Chesterton comment back around the turn of the 20th century. It’s not that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been tried and is simply found wanting. It’s that the Gospel of Jesus Christ-the Gospel of the Kingdom-has not been tried.

Click here to read more…

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