Crumby Faith

“Jesus, I’m a gentile dog, begging for Your favor.

Satisfy me with the crumbs falling from Your table.”

She prayed the perfect parental prayer:  “Have mercy on me!  Help me!”

Humble, desperate, “great” faith.

“Be still my little one. When He’s the Bread, we need only a crumb.”

Matthew 15:21-28

3 thoughts on “Crumby Faith

  1. Jimmy, I love your poem. That is one of my favorite parts of scripture. When I was a little kid, I thought it was awful, but now that I have lived a number of years, I see Jesus’ love in it.

  2. Thanks Chris! I spent some time chewing on this passage this week and found it to be powerful on all kinds of levels. All too often I demand bread from the table, rather than come to Jesus with the humble, desperate faith that says “all I need are the crumbs, Jesus…I’ll take whatever You give me.”

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