Billy Graham is 90 Today

Billy Graham was born on November 7th, 1918 on a dairy farm in my hometown of Charlotte, NC.  In 1939, Billy Graham’s father, Frank Graham, was one of the founding elders of Calvary Church, the church where I came to know Jesus in 1978.  Billy preached some of his first sermons there.  One of Billy’s cousins, the late Clyde Graham, has a son named Joel, who became my best friend in 7th grade and has had a tremendous influence on my relationship with Jesus and call to ministry.  Joel is now pastoring a church overseas.

So, it is fitting to honor Dr. Graham today with a few links:

Billy Graham: Celebrating 90 Years (Christianity Today offers an archive of writings about and by Billy Graham.  Today, November 7th, is his birthday.)

Help Me Celebrate Daddy Bill (Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, shares 5 ways “Daddy Bill” has impacted his life.  Great picture of the two of them, too.)

A Tribute To Billy Graham At 90 (John Piper offers his words of thanks for the life and ministry of Billy Graham.)

Mapping Billy Graham (A map of the world pointing out all of the places Graham held crusades.  Amazing.  HT: Christianity Today)

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