Praying for the President-Elect

Josh Harris has a great post about praying for Obama as he takes office in January.  Here’s a snippet, but the whole thing is great (including links to other good thoughts):

Those who call Jesus their Lord can be filled with a quiet peace and confidence in all seasons. Our Savior is never in the White House. Our Savior is Jesus. We must turn to him with joy and faith. And as we do let’s pray for our new President Elect that God would give him wisdom and grace to lead our nation in the days to come.

Read the rest here.

2 thoughts on “Praying for the President-Elect

  1. Well I hope our Saviour is in the White House somewhere although I think I know what you are trying to say…………..Barack Obama isn’t the President of the World or it’s Saviour. Very thrilling though here in Europe to see a mixed race Afro-American elected after 200 years of slavery, segregation and even white “christian” opposition to US civil rights legislation.

  2. Yes, we hope our Savior is in the White House…and of course we know that in a sense He already is (Psalm 139). But yes, you understood what Josh was trying to say. Yes, it is wonderful to witness this historic moment. Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

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