Jared’s 95 Theses for the American Church

Jared maintains the Gospel-Driven Church blog and has posted his “95 Theses for the Amercan Church” on the blogo-church door:

The first 19, on DISCIPLESHIP, are here.

A sample:

11. The American Christian and the churches that train him are adherents to the syncretism of biblical values and the self-idolatry of consumer culture.

14. The Christian in the American Christian ought to affirm and embrace the cost of discipleship, but the American in the American Christian hesitates to deny himself because Self is his highest value.

19. Discipleship is best cultivated in the active participation in and contribution to the culture of a gospel-embracing Christian community.

The second 19, on COMMUNITY, are here.

A sample:

23. Discipleship is designed to be experienced in community, but we have privatized our faith.

24. The legacy of legalism, gossip, condemnation, and bigotry in the fundamentalist church suffocates community by removing the gospel-honoring security of bold confession and relational authenticity.

25. The legacy of license, corruption, and theological superficiality in the modernist church suffocates community by affirming the Self and its prerogatives as the Christian’s real gods.

The third 19, on the CHURCH, are here.

40. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.

41. Much of what passes for church in America will be prevailed against by hell.

50. Churches are spending lots of money on unnecessary and selfish things.

The fourth 19, on the PASTORATE, are here.

61. Leaders in the church must not remove themselves from the community life of the church, as if they are somehow, by office or giftedness, above it.

64. The qualities most in demand in the American pastorate are frequently foreign to the qualities made most important in Scripture.

70. The American pastor must repent of ambition.

71. The American Church must repent of its idolization of the celebrity pastorate.

The fifth 19, on PURPOSE, are here.

78. The purpose of worshiping through music and the arts is not emotional reaction but the exaltation of God.

81. The purpose of evangelism is not recruitment but reconciliation.

89. The purpose of community is not fellowship but “follow-ship.”

88. The purpose of Scripture is not education but transformation.

I recommend you read them all.  I’d be curious to know which ones are your favorites and/or which ones you may disagree with.

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