I Like Andree Seu

It’s safer to say that I like her writing, ’cause I don’t know Andree Seu at all.  But over the last couple of months I’ve enjoyed the pithy posts she writes for World Magazine (add them to your feeder).

Here’s a sample of some of her latest:


But we don’t have to be odiferous or odd to be embarrassing to other church people. We only have to admit our sins and struggles openly. That will do it-or maybe we would be surprised and find that our risky admission of sins would open a floodgate.

Ronnie’s Testimony

Here is part of his testimony: “The power that we have as believers is in our scars. The stuff we’ve been through, the hard stuff you’ve been through that has left scars on your soul, is where the power of God is resident. You are anointed in that place to set captives free in the name of Jesus.”


It’s enough to make you humble yourself before the next person who does something rude to you.

Seeing God In A Rock

I used to have the world divided into two kinds of Christians-the sensible kind like me, and the kind who saw God in rocks.

Yeah, I think I like Andree Seu.  Even if I don’t know her personally, I know her through her writing.  And since I like what I’ve read, I guess it’s safe to say I like whom I’m reading.  Keep up the good work, Andree.

[Andree also writes a regular column for World Magazine.]

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