“The Shack” Strikes Back

William P. Young, author of the commended and condemned theological novel The Shack, offers a personal defense of his story:

“I absolutely am convinced that this is a God-thing that God is the One stirring this all up, challenging us to rethink and entertain growing deeper in a relationship with Him rather than pursuing our independence,” Young said during a live chat with book lovers last week…

“These men do not know me at all,” he said of critics such as Mohler, Challies, and Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle who Young said had not even read the book before criticizing it.

“[B]ut in the process,” he continued, “what they have written have actually told us much more about them than about the book.” …

“Nope…would not change anything,” he said. “It is not a perfect book – I know because I wrote it – but it is the gift I wanted to give my children.

“I don’t feel that I stirred up the controversy any more than I feel like I am the reason for the success of the book. I believe that both are activity of an affectionate God who has an incredible sense of humor,” Young said.

Read the entire article here.  [HT:  Challies.com]

REVIEWS and INTERVIEWS (some positive, some negative) of The Shack and its author:

by Tim Challies

by Mark Driscoll

by Greg Boyd

by Doug Wilson

An interview with William P. Young by Steve Brown

Another good interview with the author in Servant Magazine. (This is a PDF download.  Go to page 10.)

Have you read The Shack?  What are your thoughts?

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