Real Worship Results in Reconciliation

Jeromy at Peacemakers Ministries’ Route 5:9 blog quotes Richard Foster and gives us a great reminder as we worship Jesus today:

“Just as worship begins in holy expectation, it ends in holy obedience. If worship does not propel us into greater obedience, it has not been worship. Resentments cannot be held with the same tenacity when we enter into his gracious light. As Jesus says, we need to leave our gift at the altar and go set the matter straight (Matthew 5:23-24). In worship an increased power steals its way into the heart sanctuary, an increased compassion grows into the soul. To worship is to change.” (Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline, pg. 173)

How many times have you been corporately worshipping in your church service and had God remind you of a relationship that needs mending? There is no doubt that worship and reconciliation are intimately connected.

When looking to resolve conflict we so often began to tackle the situation head on, examining the nuances of the conflict, the personalities involved, and the possible solutions.  Foster reminds us that the simple act of worshipping God drives us to the heart of reconciliation.

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