More Study Bibles

I just turned in my review of the new ESV Study Bible to be published in the next issue of BreakPoint’s Worldview Church eReport.  I’m enjoying my ESV-SB.

With all the hype and hoopla about the ESV-SB, Michael Spencer came up with this spunky spoof on study Bibles.  Here’s a sample, but click the link below to see the rest:

The “Reason for a Study Bible” Study Bible, edited by Tim Keller. Every book of the Bible is introduced with an insightful and erudite essay by Tim Keller. Enjoy “The Reason for Haggai” and “The Reason for Philemon.” In the back, learn about things for which there are no reasons, like corn as a vegetable with pizza and Sunday night church. A special Keller fan section edited by Steve McCoy is found in the back. Available in New York only. (Truly Reformed purchasers must show ID.)

The Mark Driscoll R-Rated Study Bible for Dudes. Freak out your reformed Baptist friends with Mark Driscoll’s comedic, rude and radically male centered interpretations of scripture. This is a study Bible that reaches the emerging culture while denouncing the emerging church. A fashion section helps you to see the scriptural mandates for mechanic’s shirts and hemp necklaces. Puzzlingly endorsed by John Piper, an alternative sheet of negative endorsements from various reformed bloggers is available on request. Profanity in red letters. Crude and shocking sexual episodes in blue. Bible doctrine is related to MMA throughout.

Read the rest at Internet Monk.

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