ESV Study Bible

The brand new ESV Study Bible has arrived, and how pleased I was to find my copy waiting for me yesterday when I got home.  I’m very excited about this new Bible study resource.

I’ll be reviewing ESV-SB for the next issue of Worldview Church eReport which we’re finishing now and will be published in the coming weeks (you can sign up to receive WVC for free here), so I won’t say much now.  But I can say that one of my favorite features is the online version of the ESV-SB to which you get access when you buy the hard copy.  In a word: wow.

UPDATE:  My review has been published.  You can read it here.

You can find it at your local Christian retailer today or order it from here.

Here’s a five minute video introduction of the ESV Study Bible:

3 thoughts on “ESV Study Bible

  1. Terrific article! I was able to review a copy yesterday and I thoroughly enjoy it! I’ve used the ESV Reformation Bible since it came out. This new ESV Study Bible is different enough to make a good companion.

    The bookstore I work for, Scripture Truth Book Co. will have the ESV Study Bible available starting tomorrow, Oct. 15th for the following prices:

    ESV Study Hardcover- $32.99
    ESV Study Tru Tone Brown- $52.49
    ESV Study Gen Black- $62.99

    Our shipping rates are very reasonable. No more than $4-6 dollars, depending upon the price.

    Chris Griffith

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