Gifted for the Cruciform Life

The American church as a whole is sick. While there are many glorious exceptions to that generalization, the fact of the matter is that the American church as a whole chews up and spits out people. Especially their pastors. Sometimes I think that pastors are put up on a pedestal so that in a few months the complainers in the church can get a clear shot at them.

Why do we insist, especially in larger churches, that the preacher do everything? It is probably outside his giftedness, and asking someone to center in their area of weakness is just plain wrong. Our Lord has given a wide variety of gifts to his body so that the body can minister to the wide variety of needs within the body.

Here’s a novel idea ;-), what if the people with the gift of mercy accepted the responsibility of caring. What if those gifted to administrate were given a desk in the office? What if the elders gave spiritual leadership? What if those gifted to give led the capital campaigns? And what if the people gifted to preach were allowed to preach, to express their love for God and people through the best means at their disposal: the preached word. I wonder what that church would look like?

~ Bill Mounce in “Pastors and Teachers – Ephesians 4:11”

Yes, this would apply to all of the spiritual gifts.  Each believer is given gifts of the Spirit by which they uniquely express the cruciform life of loving God and loving others.

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