Cruciform Quotes (10.11.08)

Today’s collection of quotes comes from one of my favorite blogs, Of First Importance.  Please go there now and add it to your feeder or subscribe to receive these gospel-centered quotes by email each day.  These will help you “preach the gospel to yourself” so that you may find the promise and power you need to live the cruciform life.

The Father’s Purpose and the Son’s Purchase (You can’t live out the Law’s imperatives without living on the Gospel’s indicatives.)

Only Christ Can Cleanse The Guilty Conscience (How to “crave a cleansing such as Christ alone can give.”)

The Sanctifying Influence of Christ’s Love (“Only the certainty of love, forgiving love, can do this.”)

The ‘A to Z’ of the Christian Life (“The gospel is the way that anything is renewed and transformed by Christ…”)

See The Son and You See All (Before you see your sin or gaze at your good works, first consider Christ.)

Gospel Freedom (“We have no reason to hide from our sins anymore.”)

There are so many more great gospel nuggets at Of First Importance…go dig a few up for your edification.

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