Leading Character

Eventually, I came to realize that leadership is all about character.  And that the Christian leader, no matter what he or she oversees, has the opportunity to be a leading character–an example, a living representation of the power of the resurrection and the privilege of the fellowship created by sharing in Christ’s suffering.

We demonstrate what it means to be a “leading character” by living this reality before those who are part of our organizations.  We communicate our vision and strategies, we support and affirm our employees, we strengthen successful programs, we scrap processes that are no longer effective, and far, far more.  But never should we do these without making Christ known through word and deed.  The primary focus is not what we speak, but how we live.  We are to have a character that invites others to see the goodness of Christ and to be character that intrigues and compels others to discover what it means to be forgiven and set free to live with passion and joy.

~ Dan B. Allender in Leading Character, pp. 14-15.

[You may also want to check out Allender’s Leading With A Limp)

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