My Book Reviews

Here are links to the book reviews I’ve written up ’til now.  There are more to come on this blog and in future issues of the Worldview Church eReport.

The Jesus Way by Eugene Peterson

Peterson argues that the American church is enamored with the truth of Jesus but ignores the method by which Jesus embodied that truth. But relational, word-made-flesh, life-on-life discipleship does not sell well in a culture that is steeped in mass production. We have found ways to efficiently mass produce almost everything, why not mass produce disciples? Peterson argues that we have come to exchange the way of Jesus for the way of industry…

Buy the book here.

Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth by Patricia and Keith Miller

Like the biblical book of Proverbs, this handy reference book brings together hundreds of wise, God-inspired sayings about the practical issues of living. Unlike Proverbs, this book categorizes its insights under almost one hundred different sub-headings making its collective wisdom easier to find. Why didn’t Solomon think of that?

Buy the book here.

The Insider: Bringing the Kingdom of God into your Everyday World by Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy

Are the people in your pews consumers of cultural Christianity, or are they consumed by Christ’s call to advance His Kingdom? Is your congregation actively involved in your community or is it aloof and isolated, its financial and human resources restrained by costly property and cumbersome programs? The Insider, by Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy, just might be the book that casts a church-changing vision for you and your flock.

Buy the book here.

Renewal As A Way of Life by Richard Lovelace

I used to believe that “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so” was a great summary of the Gospel, but after reading Renewal as a Way of Life by Richard Lovelace I’m not so sure. Don’t hit that mouse button too quickly, though. The reason for my change of mind should be clear by the end of this review.

Buy the book here.

Picturing the Gospel by Neil Livingstone

What he’s given us in Picturing the Gospel is “a handbook for Gospel docents,” a guide who calls attention to the significant subtleties of the Gospel that we’ve missed or might have forgotten, while also showing us how to become docents who disciple others to love the Painter and His portrait.

Buy the book here.

In The Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Henri Nouwen

There are a few classic books that never run dry no matter how often you dip into them. In The Name of Jesus is not only short and sweet, it is also deep and wide. I have drunk it to the dregs almost yearly for the last six years and am continually challenged by its message.

Buy the book here.

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