2009 Centurions Program

I highly recommend Chuck Colson’s Centurions Program as an excellent way for all Christians to get Biblical Worldview training.  I am a graduate of the 2006 Centurions Program and found the material to be challenging, eye-opening, and refreshingly discipleship-oriented.  My friend T. M. Moore is the Dean of the Centurions Program.  Registration is now open for the class of 2009…apply now as the 100 spaces will fill up quickly.

For more information see my recent interview with Martha Anderson, National Director of the Centurions Program:  A Growing Movement for Biblical Worldview.  Feel free to ask me questions about my experience in this program by leaving me a message in the comments section.

Click here for registration information:

5 thoughts on “2009 Centurions Program

  1. I just read an article by Colson in which he mentions a grid which his Centurians Program students complete. The grid has important questions on one side and answers – given by various belief systems – to those questions on the other side. If you have a completed version of that grid, could you send it to me please?

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