No Story Like His Story

There is no story, no philosophy, no religion, no ideology in all of heaven and earth that is a more profound narrative of the world.  That God, who is the Creator, would himself become the Redeemer is unthinkable.  But it’s true.  God takes our death and suffering into himself and defeats it on the cross.  He reclaims his universe when he rises from the dead to conquer evil and restore the Garden.

All other stories of the world–whether Muslim extremism or American individualism–are stories of humanity living under the demand of a God who expects each person to make themselves acceptable through a system of works.  Works righteousness always says, “We are part of the problem.  We are also part of the solution.”  Grace always says, “There is one person who is the solution.  His name is Jesus.”

~ Robert Webber in Who Gets To Narrate The World? (page 36)

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