17 Reasons To Pray

Yesterday we looked at 6 Excuses For Not Praying. With so many excuses for prayerlessness, it’s good to remember that there are multiplied more benefits and blessings that draw our hearts to their knees in joyful dependence on Christ.

From God’s Prayer Program by T. M. Moore:

I want to examine briefly seventeen reasons why we ought to pray.  There are no doubt many more than that, but the seventeen we will look at in this chapter have provided sufficient motivation for me over the years to keep me working at this discipline through struggles, failures, and defeats, until now my times of prayer have become the most important part of my day…

  1. Prayer is the most characteristic aspect of the life of faith.
  2. God commands us to pray.
  3. Prayer reminds us of our need for God.
  4. Prayer lets us be ourselves–safely.
  5. Prayer satisfies our need for fellowship.
  6. Prayer is the way to know great and hidden things.
  7. Prayer maintains the devil’s defeat.
  8. Prayer strengthens faith and assurance.
  9. Prayer helps us get beyond the flesh.
  10. Prayer fulfills God’s purpose for creation.
  11. Prayer is transformational.
  12. Prayer makes us more like Jesus.
  13. Prayer is the way to know peace.
  14. Prayer keeps us in focus.
  15. Prayer sets us apart.
  16. Prayer prepares us for the Lord’s return.
  17. Prayer engages us with God.

You’ll notice that I left out the explanation of each of these.  For that you’ll have to buy the book, which is well worth your time and money if you’d like to learn to pray.

Question for my readers: What other blessings and benefits have motivated you to keep seeking the Lord in prayer? Use the comments section to share them with others who may need some encouragement to pray today.

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