Dentistry Is Ministry: Bridging Biblical Worldview and Work

My interview with my friend and mentor Jim McKinney is now up at the BreakPoint website:

I once worked on the student ministry staff of a large suburban church under the supervision of a man who had never been to seminary nor employed at a church. When Dr. Jim McKinney sold his successful dental practice and came to our church as the director of student ministries, I told him that he may have left the chair for the pew, but working at a church was sometimes still “like pulling teeth.” As Jim’s story reveals, dentistry and ministry have a lot more in common than he first imagined. I recently suggested to Jim that his journey would be helpful for others to hear, so he agreed to answer a few questions (and you’ll see that, as is true about most conversations in the dentist’s office, the dentist will do most of the talking!).

Read the entire interview here, then come back and leave your comments and questions in the response section.

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