Welcome Worldview Church Readers

I am pleased to announce the current edition of Worldview Church eReport from BreakPoint.org is live.  I have the honor of assisting T. M. Moore with the writing and editing of this free e-zine that goes out bi-monthly to over 15,000 pastors and church/para-church leaders.

I encourage you to subscribe for WVC soon so that you’ll receive this next issue in your inbox.

Here’s the Table of Contents (with live links to some articles) for the current edition of Worldview Church eReport. Feel free to interact with the articles in this issue by leaving comments here on this site.


Back Glances

Working Harder for Greater Unity

by T. M. Moore

Two thousand years after The Way burst onto the historical scene, its legacy has become a thousands-lane highway where people of varying communions putter along or race ahead, sometimes weaving in and out of traffic, but all the while looking out for their own safety above all.

The Cruciform Life

A Cruciform Worldview

by Jimmy Davis

For many years I lived and taught the Biblical worldview more as rules to live by and examples to follow than as a way of life transformed by the Gospel.


Created to Be Cruciform

by Jimmy Davis

The Christian life is all about being shaped by the cross into the shape of the cross.

Praying the Imprecatory Psalms

by Stanley D. Gale

Sometimes people will post Bible verses in their homes for encouragement or to remind themselves of something. My guess is not too many people have Psalm 137 posted on their refrigerator door.


Martha Anderson, National Director, BreakPoint Centurions

Report on a Conference

Jess Slusher on Sound the Alarm!


Chuck Huckaby reviews Secret Believers and David Sincerbox examines A Republic of Suffering.

Launch Points

Practical ways you can use this issue of WVC in your ministry and personal life.


Web and print resources for your ministry and personal development.

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