Resources for Praying the Psalms

Stan Gale’s article Praying the Imprecatory Psalms in the recent issue of Worldview Church eReport explores the helps and hurdles that often come with praying the Psalms.  I thought of a list of resources that might be helpful to folks who are learning to pray or teaching others to pray from God’s prayerbook.  If you’d like to add to the list of resources, please leave your suggestions in the comments section.


God’s Prayer Program: Passionately Using the Psalms in Prayer by T. M. Moore (I highly recommend this book for beginners and veterans of Psalm-praying.)


Psalms: Thinking and Feeling With God by John Piper (Listen to these!)

Online Resources

Psalms In Worship by T. M. Moore (T. M. preached his way through all 150 psalms in 3 years and is offering his notes at his website.  Not only is his commentary good as gold, he also offers ways to use the psalms in your worship service as well as his own Psalter with every psalm versified and set to the tune of well known hymns.)

The Ailbe Psalter by T. M. Moore (This is the full version of the psalter T. M. created.  A great way to pray the psalms is to sing the psalms!)

Psalms In Seven Weeks (Download this handy chart that gives you 3 psalms a day and covers all 150 psalms in seven weeks.)

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