People With A Story To Tell

“We need to learn again that we are a people with a story to tell. If the Gospel really is (as Lesslie Newbigin never tired of reminding us) the story of the world and everything in it, then we have the grandest, greatest story of all to tell. But we have reduced that Gospel to a four-point outline that perhaps generates a nod of assent yet rarely provokes the response of breath-taking wonder. No surprise men and women flock to other tales told of human existence. We have bored them to death.

…what will it take for the Church to give rise to a new generation of story tellers who can capture the imagination of our culture?…Where are the Christian novelists, playwrights, artists, and musicians who separately and together retell the tale of God’s way with the world in such a manner that even as the world shouts, ‘It can’t be true,’ it whispers, ‘But it must be…it has to be’?”

Robert Lynn in “The Call of Stories”


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