Restoring Uprightness to a Bent and Broken World

See, this alone I have found that God made man upright, but they have sought out many schemes.
– Ecclesiastes 7:29

The task of this generation – as it will be in every generation – is to understand Christianity as a complete view of the world and humankind’s place in it, that is, as the truth. If Christianity is not the truth, it is nothing, and our faith mere sentimentality.
– Chuck Colson, The Faith

The Hebrew word, “upright” (yashar) is a very important word for our worldview endeavors. Picture Jesus commanding the woman bent over for 18 years to stand upright (Luke 13:10-13). Her restoration is merely the re-establishing of God’s original intention for her. The world was not created in the bent-over, broken down, ripped up, and worn out condition that we find it in today. The environment is wearing thin; economies are staggering around like drunks; leaders of great nations seem helpless before the outrages of rogue states and entrenched dictators; moral corruption is evident on every hand; and every day finds some new village idiot running about celebrating his joy over God’s having been banished from the public square. The world needs to be restored to its upright condition. Happily, King Jesus is sitting on His throne, and He holds in His hand a scepter, the symbol of all the authority in heaven and earth that has been given to Him. And that scepter, the Psalmist tells us (Psalm 45:6) is a scepter “of uprightness.” Jesus is ruling the world from the Father’s right hand, calling out an army of volunteers to go forth like the fresh dew of the morning to restore His world to its original state of beauty, goodness, and truth (Psalm 110:1-3). This will be a true reformation, indeed. Jonathan Edwards wrote, “True reformation is always begun in mature and serious considerations.”

~ T. M. Moore

So, how about sharing some of your “mature and serious considerations” with me? In what ways are you, your family, and your church thinking seriously about how to participate in God’s mission to restore uprightness to your world?  I’d love to learn from your ideas as you leave them in the comments section…thanks!

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