Too Casual About My Sin, Too Focused On Yours

“Worshipping God as Savior means that I acknowledge that I am a sinner in relationship with other sinners. I remember that you are still in the middle of God’s work of redemption—as am I. He is still convicting you, teaching you, and changing your heart. He is faithfully doing all these things at the best time and in the best way possible. None of us ever gets to be in relationship with a finished person. God’s redemptive work of change is ongoing in all of our lives. When I forget this, I become self-righteous, impatient, critical, and judgmental. I give in to the temptation to play God and try to change you in ways only God can…

When I fail to worship God as Savior, I am too casual about my sin and too focused on yours. Our relationships are often harmed when we try to atone for our own sins while condemning the other person for his. When you are sinned against, you will be impacted by the weaknesses and failures of that other person. When this happens, you need to allow God to use you as an instrument in His redemptive hands rather than seeking to make changes in the other person yourself. Only God can accomplish these things. Are you trying to do work in someone’s life that only the Savior can do?

~ Tim Lane and Paul Tripp in Relationships: A Mess Worth Making (pp. 64-65)

Update:  It’s funny how I can read these words and think, “Yeah, so-and-so needs to hear this!”  So, I think I’ll go ahead and send this to that big sinner I’m thinking of! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Too Casual About My Sin, Too Focused On Yours

  1. so true…amen…i agree…
    i need to REMEMBER this with each NEW day cause old patterns of relating surface again & again…Lord have mercy!

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