More on The Bible As a "Narrative with Notes"

A couple of days ago we asked “Are we to read the Bible as a story or as a systematic theology?” We concluded that the answer is “both/and.” Since then I’ve come across another illuminating quote from Dr. Michael D. Williams’ book Far As the Curse Is Found: The Covenant Story of Redemption:

Indeed, the Bible as a whole is best understood as a story or drama. To be sure, the Bible does more than tell a story. Scripture includes psalms and proverbs, songs and prayers, moral instruction and doctrinal reflection. But what holds all of it together, what makes it a unified revelation is the storyline, what theologians often call the drama of redemption. The nonnarrative pieces fit into and make sense only within their appropriate contexts in the biblical storyline…

5 thoughts on “More on The Bible As a "Narrative with Notes"

  1. Do you think we make this too difficult? I mean, if we were to give a Bible to someone completely unfamiliar to it, and they were to read it, don’t you think they would see the overall narrative and also begin to note the important themes as they read?

  2. Sure thing. Last night, I asked the class I teach (not a Bible college or seminary, but business and education majors who have to take this one religion course) whether we should read the Bible as a story or a systematic theology. After some discussion, they easily concluded that it was indeed both.

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