What We Want for Our Teenagers

Abraham Piper sums up our culture’s low expectations for adolescents in 22 words:

Understanding teenage rebellion only as sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll implies that the goal is celibacy, sobriety, and employment. It’s not.

It’s Jesus.

I was just talking with some dads of teenagers about this at breakfast this morning. Our culture does have “low expectations” for teenagers, but then so do our churches. Too often the highest aim of our churches is “getting kids involved in church and/or service activities” and “getting them saved” rather than showing them what it means to treasure Jesus more than doing good things and going to heaven.

[HT: 22 Words Blog]

3 thoughts on “What We Want for Our Teenagers

  1. This is spot on.

    It’s not just the culture and the church though. I think it also betrays our (us, parents) real desires for our kids. “Stay out of trouble, get an education, and a good job so you can be happy.” All good things, things I desire for both of my kids. But not what is most important.

    I need good reminders, like this, of what I’m supposed to be about as a parent.

  2. Oh yes, we parents have “bought in” to the low expectations. Are we in danger of being like the “faithless generation” in Psalm 78?

  3. Sorry, I didn’t check back until today. Are we in danger of being like the faithless generation in psalm 78?

    I’m probably in that danger more than I know. But I know I want more for my children than to be “like their Father(s)”.

    I do think we are teaching our kids to settle for a mess of pottage if all we want for them is a comfortable life.

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