Seeking Satisfaction

About a year ago I wrote about two themes that God has woven into my life over the years: seeking His face and drinking His grace. I’ve recently tried to put those thoughts into verse…

When You commanded, “Seek My face!”
I said, “I will, Lord, by Your grace,
Hide not Your face, O God, from me,
Nor let my soul abandoned be.”

Come thirsty one to Jesus’ side.
Cruciform love will give you life.
Come sate your soul, Spirit receive,
A river-heart forever be

Of all the themes, it seems these two:
Seeking Your face, Drinking of You
Though they appear to be estranged
Are side by side in me arranged

And in Your Word these themes I find
So sweetly bound and intertwined
Clothed in my Christ, I will see Your face
And there be satisfied with grace

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