What Is In Thine Hand?

This powerful poem, written by my wife’s great-grandfather, hangs framed on a wall in her Grandma Lytle’s house. I first read it years ago after we were married and was greatly encouraged by it. I pray that God will use its message to encourage you to “press on” in your personal mission field in 2008.

by Sloan Duncan Gibson

Shamgar had an oxgoad,
Rahab had a string,
Gideon had a trumpet,
David had a sling,
Sampson had a jawbone,
Moses had a rod,
Dorcas had a needle,
They were all used of God.

The string hung out the window,
The trumpet gave its sound.
The sling went into action,
Goliath come tumble-n-down.
The jawbone won the battle
In Sampson’s mighty hand.
The rod divided the waters,
The path was as dry land.

The work of Dorcas’ needle,
Will live on in memory.
So deeds of love for others
Will abide eternally.
Be diligent then, believer,
There’s a need in every land.
Press on faithfully using
The gift that’s in thy hand.

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