Movie Review: The Ten Commandments

The new “Ten Commandments” animated film was released this past weekend. I took the family to see it.

My grade: C-

I sat down with popcorn and Icee in hand, excited to see a new version of the Ten Commandments, hopeful that an animated version would offer some exciting visual interpretations of the plagues and other miracles. I was immediately disappointed with the low-grade computer animation and could not shake my disappointment for the rest of the film. The characters looked and moved like wooden puppets. In this age of Pixar-type animation that amazes the eye and makes you believe it’s real, this film was a visual flop.

The script was not much better, frankly. Sometimes the dialogue was as wooden as the animation.

I did not express this disappointment with my kids, however. They enjoyed it, I think, but have not talked about it like they have other films.

Don’t waste your money on tickets. Rent the DVD instead and judge for yourself.

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